NECA’s Purpose and Values

The NECA By Laws describe NECA’s “specific and primary purposes are to:

  1. Affirm the importance of the ordained ministry
  2. Provide the mutual support that brings strength and growth
  3. Enable clergy to use creatively their own power to help themselves, and
  4. Promote increased professional excellence

In January 2010, the NECA Board re-affirmed these purposes. In addition the board made a commitment to FASST as the primary values of NECA. FASST is an acronym which stands for Fellowship, Advocacy, Support, Spirituality and Technology. The purposes and values are the guidelines within which each member association as well as the Board works. NECA supports growth in faith, builds clergy collegiality, promotes the dignity of clergy and their families and provides effective advocates for clergy

The NECA slogan “The Clergy Connection” sums it all up. NECA strives to connect clergy throughout the Episcopal Church with each other and with resources. NECA stands with clergy as we struggle to excel in the service of Christ and his people. None of us can make much of a difference if we go it alone. To make a difference, we need to work together.


There are a variety of ways to join NECA. Members can belong either through an association or as an individual member. Further an association might be composed of members who come from the same place or it might be composed of members who share a similar ministry. Members are asked to pay annual dues to support our work.

Benefits of NECA:

NECA is the only organization that represents all the clergy of the Episcopal Church. We have worked to provide equitable benefits for clergy and to advocate for the concerns of individuals. Every three years we offer a major conference that provides an opportunity to hear some of the important voices in the church today as well as to have fun being with our ordained brothers and sisters. We are in the process of developing our E-newsletter Leaven, which will provide relevant and reliable news and other information.